Youth Sport Nutrition is an Official Academy Partner!

We’re pleased to announce that Moorland Football Academy has joined in partnership with Youth Sport Nutrition (YSN). YSN work with young athletes to provide training and education about nutrition relevant to their sport.

As part of the official partnership, the students will receive specialist nutrition workshops throughout the year, email support from an in-house nutritionist, discounted YSN products and services, free access to the YSN Nutrition management app in order to make better food choices, and all students will be invited to become ambassadors for YSN. In addition, YSN’s lead nutritionist will work with the Moorland catering team to tailor the student’s nutrition for football.

The Academy’s coaching team, Charlie Jackson and Ben Gooden commented: “Moorland Football Academy are excited to be partnered with Youth Sport Nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in young players physical development and compliments many aspects of their technical game. The expertise that YSN will provide will be invaluable to our students.”

Youth Sport Nutrition are pleased to partner with Moorland International Ballet Academy and Moorland Football Academy. Speaking on behalf of the entire team at YSN, we are delighted to support this incredible organisation, that works with talented youth athletes, committed parents and dedicated coaches. We look forward to supporting and educating the sporting community at Moorland for many years to come” – Ben Jefferson, Company Director.

Parents of existing students will receive an email shortly detailing the benefits their children will be able to access and how they will be able to go about this.