UK Open Trial Days – Registration

We’re pleased to announce that for the upcoming year we will be offering UK open trials days; searching for the greatest talent on offer in the UK.

Our 2021/22 football trials days will give young players the chance to showcase their talents and to begin their journey at one of the UK’s foremost Football Academies. Following a successful trial, places will be available for young people to join Moorland for an outstanding education alongside football academy training.  A number of Football Scholarships, recognising talent will be available, enabling us to offer places to the greatest talent currently in the UK.  Supplemental means-tested bursary support may also be applied for.

Football Scholarships

Scholarships Applicants will be invited to trial/audition days and will be assessed on a variety of sporting and suitability criteria. Upon successful trial or audition, confidential reports and written statements will be requested from the candidates’ current school, club, coach or dance school to confirm their commitment to their chosen field.

We expect candidates for Football Scholarships to be able to demonstrate the potential to gain representative honours in their chosen field and aim to progress into a career based on their chosen subject.

Interviews and assessments – Academy Scholarships

Candidates will be invited to take part in a practical assessment for general fitness and specialisation specific practice. They will have an interview with our Academy Directors, focussing on current achievement and commitment to developing sporting potential.


All Scholarships are awarded on a conditional basis and are subject to the expectation of standards to be maintained. Scholarships may be withdrawn if standards are not maintained throughout the duration of attendance. Football Scholarships are conditional upon a student’s commitment to their chosen specialisation. With this comes a high expectation of conduct and for each student to be an ambassadorial figure in their behaviour, work ethic and responsibility for their own development journey.