The Importance of Peer Led Coaching

Why is Peer led coaching a part of the football curriculum?

Peer led coaching was pushed by Mr Jackson at the academy and  is a proven method in positively influencing the way that students can approach football. By being actively involved in the coaching process at the academy it prepares the students for the next steps in their careers by developing a wide range of skills. It provides a new perspective for the students and contributes to the understanding of practice, allows non-leaders to act in leadership roles and opens more opportunities for peer and self-development.

Peer led coaching positively contributes to a student-athlete’s experience by providing benefits beyond the traditional athletic experience. This initiative will provide the students personal develop, increased player-to-player and player-to-coach interactions, reflective ideas, and increased self-confidence.

In the filmed drill, Taylor and Harry led the session set up by Mr Jackson and coached the other students by offering advice, tips and support.

How does Peer led Coaching work at Moorland Football Academy?

Peer led coaching takes place with the Year 10 students under the eye of Mr Jackson and the BTEC Sport Students. This is part of the academy curriculum and the BTEC Sport Coaching Skills modules. The coaching takes place across using a variety of age groups and the drills and practices are overseen by the Moorland Academy Coaches to ensure they meet the standards of delivery that we are used to at Moorland.

Key Learning/Skill Objectives

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Observation and analysis
  • Innovation

How does this translate into a future career?

Football coaching gives a wide range of transferrable skills for students to take in their future careers. This may be presentation and public speaking, project and time-management skills, written and verbal communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills, leadership, mentoring and numeracy.

What the students think…

At first the students were worried at first about being in front of peers whilst coaching in case they were embarrassed or that their peers did not like the sessions. The students now find the whole experience enjoyable, and how good it is to be challenged. The students have a new found respect for Mr Jackson and the coaches, as they have said that they were able to see things that they normally wouldn’t when they were playing.

Delivering more to our students is part and parcel of what makes the Moorland Academy so unique. Students are able to study alongside a structured programme of football, but also grow and develop as people and leaders. We strive to ensure that all our students who attend the Academy have the best possible opportunities to make a career in sport. Starting this process as early as possible allows our students to have a broader understanding of the world of sport and what their position in it might be in the future.